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International Business Leader and Philanthropist Robert Shumake Launches Cannabis Real Estate Fund

The cannabis real estate industry is booming, and Detroit-based business leader Robert Shumake has joined forces with area entrepreneurs to capitalize on the burgeoning movement. 

Robert Shumake, a CEO, investor, and philanthropist, recently launched a real estate funding initiative to invest in various cannabis real estate projects through the Detroit area and surrounding regions. Projects will include building and maintaining sprawling medical cannabis research, education, regulation, and growth labs that will be staffed by up to 300 people. Shumake also plans to invest in local cannabis-related businesses, such as dispensaries, greenhouses, physicians’ offices, and classrooms for aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs.

Of the project’s importance, Shumake said, “Cannabis is now a billion-dollar industry across the U.S. and the globe. The Detroit area is hungry to get involved and capitalize on the growing movement. And with our ample, widely available, and affordable real estate, the area and its surrounding regions are the perfect place for the industry to boom. I plan to invest in sustainable cannabis projects that will benefit entrepreneurs and the community as a whole.”

Robert Shumake also believes that medical cannabis and recreational cannabis tourism could gain more of a stronghold in the Detroit real estate industry and looks forward to investing in related projects in the future. 

Two-time bestselling author and entrepreneur Robert Shumake is no stranger to working with and growing local, national, and international businesses. The Detroit-based executive is currently the CEO of Shumake Global Partners, L3C, a leader in industries like technology, real estate, personal financial services, housing, and transportation, among others. He also served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Inheritance Capital Group, LLC, (ICG), a leading investor in the area of and a real estate developer, working with both commercial and residential projects as well as mortgages, small business loans, and other financial services. 

Robert Shumake is also dedicated to working with underserved populations to help them reach their full potential. He is at the helm of the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, which has provided over 100 college scholarships to students planning to attend historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) through the Shumake Scholarship Relays. Robert Shumake has also served international causes through global philanthropic initiatives, such as building the Shumake Legacy Academy to serve over 3,000 HIV-positive orphans in Ethiopia, undertaking water projects in Kenya, and providing clothes, food, and other necessities to rural populations in Tanzania.

Global Business Leader and Community Advocate Robert Shumake Launches Home for the Holiday Bond Initiative

Global business leader and community advocate Robert Shumake has recently announced his latest project: the Home for the Holiday Bond Initiative. The initiative will help underprivileged and less fortunate people in the county and local jails in Detroit, Michigan, and surrounding areas, make bond in order to spend time with their families over the holidays.

This project is in keeping with Robert Shumake’s long history of advocacy for people who are trying to improve their lives but are struggling due to poverty or other issues beyond their control. “Our criminal justice system is meant to keep people safe and assumes they are innocent until they are proven guilty,” Robert Shumake asserts. “But when people can be held in jail for weeks or even months because of their financial situation, that creates an innate inequality.”

Robert Shumake explained the importance of the initiative as such: “Many underprivileged and socioeconomically disadvantaged people are booked into jail on petty or nonviolent charges, as well as ones related to addiction, poverty, trauma, or mental health issues. Despite the fact that they have not been convicted of or even yet charged with any crime in most cases, and in fact may be found innocent, they often cannot make bail.”

The global leader and mentor explains that people who cannot pay their bail, even if it’s just a hundred dollars or less, may be kept in jail for months until their court date. “These people have a right to a fair trial like anyone else,” Robert Shumake shares. “They should not have to lose out on holidays with their families simply because they are struggling financially.”

Robert Shumake, a two-time bestselling author, and busy entrepreneur serves as the CEO of Shumake Global Partners. Shumake Global Partners is an L3C organization, which serves industries like cannabis, real estate, technology, financial services, education, employee training, housing, and loans. Robert Shumake is also deeply involved in community service and philanthropy at both the local and international levels.

Robert Shumake helms the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, which sponsors college scholarships for underprivileged students who hope to go to one of the renowned historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) with scholarship cross-country relay tournaments and other fundraising projects. Over 25,000 young athletes have competed in competitions, and the foundation has provided over 100 scholarships over the years to incoming college students.

Robert Shumake has also worked internationally in various volunteer and philanthropic capacities, undertaking water projects in Kenya, donating clothing and other necessities in Tanzania, and building a school for over 3,000 HIV-positive orphans in Ethiopia. He also holds an honorary doctorate from the Lewis College of Business in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Humanitarian and Detroit Business Leader Robert Shumake Donates 40-Foot Container of Clothes in Tanzania

Robert Shumake, a global humanitarian, philanthropist, community advocate, and business leader, recently announced his generous donation of a 40-foot container of clothing to a school in rural Tanzania. With the donationShumake continues his lifelong commitment to helping families, children, and students in need around the world.

“Poverty and material needs are widespread in rural Tanzania, especially among women and children,” shared Robert Shumake of his desire to help in the region. “Clothing manufacturing and distribution are not as widely available in the farther reaches of rural regions. Through my foundation, the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, we are donating both outerwear and underwear for all kinds of weather, including clothes, shoes, coats, and other basic necessities. We will work with the village, school, and government leaders in Tanzania to find out exactly what materials would suit their environment and needs best.” Shumake says the Foundation will also send along basic toiletries and grooming items for all genders and ages.

The clothing will be delivered in November 2019 and will be distributed by volunteers from both Tanzania and the Foundation. Foundation affiliates are expected to spend several days in the region to discern any future needs that they could meet. Possible future projects, says Robert Shumake, include food distribution, eyewear, baby clothes and diapers, and more durable, sustainable footwear for all seasons.

Dr. Robert S. Shumake is a noted business leader in the Detroit area, currently serving as the CEO of Shumake Global Partners, L3C, in the areas of real estate, technology, healthcare, energy, and housing, among others.

With his projects in Tanzania, Robert Shumake is continuing his ongoing work in international philanthropy. He is the President of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and founded the Shumake Legacy Academy for HIV-positive orphans in Ethiopia. In addition, he previously served as the honorary consul to both Tanzania and Botswana, so he is deeply knowledgeable about the particular needs of rural populations in the region. Currently, Shumake is also planning water projects in Kenya to promote sustainable ways of collecting and distributing clean water.

Robert Shumake is also a noted humanitarian and philanthropist. In addition to his work with the Robert Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, he has donated his personal funds and resources to thousands of homeless families in Detroit. The Foundation has provided over 200 college scholarships to students attending historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) across the country through the Robert S. Shumake Scholarship Relays and other funding projects.

For more information about how to get involved in projects like this around the world with your time or resources, contact the Robert Shumake Family and Friends Foundation.

Business Leader and Philanthropist Robert Shumake Drills a Water Well in Rural Kenya

While Kenya is a beautiful country, home to stunning natural landscapes and a diverse population dedicated to arts, culture, education, and tradition, finding clean, unpolluted drinking and bathing water is difficult in many rural areas. Women in rural Kenyan villages sometimes walk for miles to find clean, safe drinking water for their children. Some local schools do not have access to clean water at all.

That’s why business leader, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and international philanthropist Robert Shumake of Detroit, Michigan, is using his nonprofit charity’s funds to drill a watering hole in a rural area of Kenya. Water projects in Kenya are notoriously underfunded, and the equipment and labor are often too costly for locals to provide. The Robert Shumake Family and Friends Foundation will complete the project in early 2020, providing funds, labor, and equipment. The nonprofit has hired experts to ensure the project’s ongoing success in terms of sustainability and infrastructure.

The 10,000-liter water well is estimated to provide hydration for over 1,000 villagers near the area, as well as 300 schoolchildren and a large number of animals. The water quality will be tested by qualified technicians. In total, the project is expected to take around a week of labor by approximately a dozen employees and volunteers.

“The difficulty of finding clean drinking water in Kenya is a challenge to individual wellness and public health,” says Robert Shumake. “Children and infants may go days without water, which poses particular health problems for them, as well as for pregnant women and elderly citizens. We at the Robert Shumake Family and Friends Foundation wanted to help solve to solve this major problem as soon as we learned about it. We matched individual donations and will provide all the necessary time, labor, and equipment to complete the task. Our hope is that the project will greatly improve villagers’ and students’ health, happiness, and quality of life. If successful, we will helm similar projects in the future.”

Robert Shumake leads the L3C enterprise Shumake Global Partners, which deals with infrastructural projects, real estate, technology, education, and healthcare. Through the Robert Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, Robert Shumake has a long history of contributing to international projects, such as launching the Shumake Legacy Academy for HIV-positive orphans in Ethiopia. He also contributes to local projects, such as the Robert Shumake Scholarship Relays, which provides educational funding for college students headed to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Dr. Robert S. Shumake Wins Injunction, Successfully Defends Title of World Chairman International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)

Dr. Robert S. Shumake, Chairman of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC), has won a legal injunction against another entity posing as the legitimate IHRC. Dr. Shumake was battling against misrepresentation, and his legal team led by lawyer Quasir Jan have successfully defended the case.

Robert Shumake

Dr. Shumake, the legal World Chairman of IHRC, won his legitimate right to be known as such, against the many lies that were being spread by an organization which was only present online and nowhere else. The IHRC was founded in 1988 to protect the human rights of people globally. Dr. Shumake took the Post of world Chairman in February 2019.

“He is the legal chairman of the IHRC. I’m glad the courts were able to deliver a verdict in his favor. Now Mr. Shumake can continue the good work he does in the United States and the world without the negative statements pushed about him,” said lawyer Quasir Jan.

Post the win, Dr. Shumake will continue to perform his role as an acting Chairman of the IHRC around the world without any interruptions. IHRC is headquartered in Pakistan, and will be petitioning Google and other internet providers to return the IHRC copyright to the true owner and update the facts.

Dr. Robert Shumake’s areas of focus on becoming President were to promote the mission, gather resources and funds, and assist displaced people currently housed in relief camps. The IHRC also focuses on victims and activists to eliminate discrimination defend political freedom and protect people from inhumane conduct during wartime.

Apart from being the World Chairman of the IHRC, Dr. Robert S. Shumake is also a global private equity investor and real estate developer. He is the CEO of Shumake Global Partners, L3C, active in technology, real estate, gaming, energy, healthcare, and finance. Dr. Shumake is a past honorary consul to Botswana and Tanzania.

Recently, led by Dr. Robert S. Shumake, IHRC is currently raising funds for water projects in Kenya. Some other initiatives of Dr. Robert Shumake as well as his family include The Robert S. Shumake Scholarships Relays, The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation (granted over 200 college scholarships), and The Shumake Legacy Academy, which educates over 3,000 HIV infected orphans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dr. Shumake is the author of two books, ‘Climbing your Inner Mountain’ and ‘For Entrepreneurs who Considered Suicide when Business Got Tough.’

The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) organizes relief activities and assistance programs via its organ, the IHRC Relief Fund Trust, which holds a Consultative Status from the United Nations ECOSOC. IHRC is also a permanent observer accredited member of the United Nations Environmental Program, based upon the work in Kenya and other parts of the world relating to its clean water projects.

Robert Shumake Feeds a Record Number of 5,000 Homeless Individuals in One Day

Over 300 volunteers and 40 organizations led by local businessman, Robert Shumake, participated in the Annual Detroit Red Carpet Backyard BBQ. The event provided hot meals, bags of groceries, and access to basic human services provided by local organizations.

Robert Shumake 4

During the event, at least 5,000 individuals out of the 20,000 who are homeless in Detroit, had access to a hot meal. Robert Shumake, who was homeless in his youth, said, “We give them a meal that you would have at your own house. Everybody deserves to be treated like a VIP.”

This event has quickly become one of the largest feeding efforts the city of Detroit has seen. Since the Red Carpet Backyard BBQ event started, approximately 25,000 homeless individuals have had access to a meal. During the event, they can also take advantage of health and wellness checks. Robert Shumake, the Shu Foundation, and the rest of the organizers also bring in celebrities and live entertainment, which makes the event truly one of a kind. Celebrity attendees from past events include members of the Detroit Lions Eric Ebron, Brandon Pettigrew, and Casey Pierce. If only for a day, the organizers want to ensure these underserved citizens get the VIP treatment.

Of course, this event also aims to help the homeless population long-term. The event also connects individuals with local organizations that can give them access to resources. Those affected by homelessness in Detroit include the working poor and the elder population. Many people who are homeless have jobs but cannot afford housing. Although homelessness in Detroit has stabilized, there’s still a lot of work to be done to help those in need.

Robert Shumake found success in 2005 when he founded Inheritance Capital Group, LLC (ICG), leading private equity investing developer in residential and commercial real estate. ICG has a real estate portfolio valued at over 300 million dollars. He is also the author of best-seller books “For Entrepreneurs Who Considered Suicide When Business Got Tough!” and “Climbing Your InnerMountain: 10 Steps To Reaching Any Goal.”

Despite his success as a businessman and author, Shumake has dedicated to giving back to the community. Robert Shumake has dedicated his entire career to chasing a double bottom line: “I always want to promote the ‘Double Bottom Line’; make a profit in business and make a difference in the community.”

Aside from supporting philanthropic causes in his community, Robert Shumake has taken his efforts all over the world. He sponsored over 100 youth business projects in Botswana and launched The Shumake Legacy Academy to serve orphans living with HIV in Ethiopia.

International Businessman Robert Shumake Donates 3,000 Books for Orphans Living with HIV in Ethiopia

International businessman, Robert Shumake continues to make a difference in the world. Robert Shumake donated 3,000 books to orphans living with HIV or AIDS in Ethiopia. His philanthropic efforts derive from the need “to enhance the world in which we live.” With this effort, Shumake made a difference in the lives of thousands of students in the African country.

Robert Shumake, his children and a group of friends made the trip to Addis Adaba, the capital of Ethiopia. During the 5-day trip, Robert Shumake and his group provided their support to the orphanage and learning center. The 3,000 students, at first, received food, toiletries, clothing, and other essential items.

Robert Shumake

The learning center’s project manager showed Robert Shumake the lack of library and other essential school supplies the students needed. Prior to Shumake’s arrival, the ravished learning center only counted with 50 books due to the economic hardships faced by the community of orphans living with HIV or AIDS. Upon witnessing these unfortunate circumstances, the group led by Robert sought out to help. After searching at countless markets, the group bought an entire curriculum worth of books for every student.

Robert Shumake and his family did not stop there. After completing the “exhausting yet fun” task of acquiring the books, they set out to restore other areas of the school. The group fashioned painting supplies out of bamboo, recycled oil pans, and other items to bring a little color to the learning center. Shumake’s children and the rest of the group painted the center the brightest shade of blue they could find using the improvised tools.

Thanks to their generosity and collective efforts, the learning center now features the Shumake and Friends Legacy Academy – a library with books for every student.

The experience touched the lives of everyone involved in the project. Shumake’s son, Diop, was deeply touched by this experience. “We really got to see how blessed we are,” Diop said.

For Robert Shumake, the opportunity to share this experience with his children and make a difference in this particular community was priceless.

Robert Shumake has an extensive portfolio of his philanthropic efforts in his community and around the world. The many divisions of the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation support countless humanitarian projects to improve education and the overall betterment of life.

Robert Shumake credits his success to his ability to chase a double bottom line: “I always want to promote the ‘Double Bottom Line’; make a profit in business and make a difference in the community.” In 2015, the International Human Rights Commission appointed Robert Shumake as “Ambassador” and Special Diplomatic Advisor. His philanthropic work also earned him the title of Honorary Council in two countries: The Republic of Botswana to the United States; The United Republic of Tanzania to the United States.

Shumake Family and Friends Foundation Aims to Feed the Largest Group of Homeless Individuals in the U.S.

Robert Shumake Detroit, MichiganIn lieu of continuing its tradition of feeding record-breaking numbers of people in need in Detroit, MI, with the Detroit Red Carpet Backyard BBQ, this year Robert Shumake and the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation will be participating in the nonprofit initiative called Home By The Holidays on December 20th at Second Ebenezer Church.

The Detroit Red Carpet Backyard BBQ catered to what was possibly the largest group of homeless individuals in the U.S. At each barbecue, over 5,000 people are fed in a single day, with some cookouts feeding up to 10,000 people.

There are over 20,000 homeless people in the city limits of Detroit, MI, many of whom report being hungry on a regular basis. Robert Shumake and a dedicated group of volunteers are hoping to chip away at that hunger and set an example for the kinds of philanthropic efforts that could ease the pain of need in the city.

“Detroit is home to thousands of people in need, all of whom deserve the fullness of human dignity and respect,” says Robert Shumake of the project. “Hunger is a communitywide problem with severe consequences for public health and wellness. Many of the individuals in Detroit’s homeless population are children, struggling single parents, disabled or sick people, or military veterans. Others have simply fallen on hard times. The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation is proud to serve the Detroit community with thousands of hot meals to nourish ourselves and one another.”

Robert S. Shumake is a business leader and entrepreneur with a long history of community service and philanthropy. Robert Shumake serves as the CEO of Shumake Global Partners, an L3C enterprise that works in a diverse range of sectors across technology and innovation, education, housing, community development, and financial services. Through his charitable nonprofit, the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, Robert Shumake has sponsored the Robert Shumake Sponsorship Relays, serving over 25,000 youths thus far and providing over 100 college scholarships. Robert Shumake is dedicated to the betterment of the community via quality education, academic and athletic opportunities, and mentorships for youth.

The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation also supports global humanitarian efforts in Botswana, Ethiopia, and elsewhere. These fundraising efforts have helped over 3,000 students and HIV-positive orphans access education and training, in addition to providing business mentorship and opportunities for young adults.

To support Robert Shumake in his community development and philanthropic efforts, contact the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation to volunteer your time or make a donation.

Leading Detroit Entrepreneur Robert Shumake Donates Proceeds From Two Bestselling Books for Youth Education

Detroit-based entrepreneur, community organizer, and philanthropist Robert Shumake, leader of L3C enterprise Shumake Global Partners (SGP), is proud to announce a fundraising campaign that will send all proceeds from the sales of his two bestselling books directly towards the education of low-income youth.

Robert Shumake 3

Robert Shumake has built an illustrious career in housing, development, education, and entrepreneurship during his many years as a global business leader. Now, he plans to give back to the community by donating all of the proceeds from forthcoming sales of his two bestselling self-help nonfiction books to college scholarships for area youth. The donations will go directly towards the educational division of the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation.

“Nothing is more important to the future of our youth and our world than high-quality education,” says Robert Shumake. “The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation has a long history of supporting youth through scholarships, mentorship programs, leadership-building endeavors, and athletics. I am proud to donate the proceeds from my book sales to the betterment of our community and our country via the promise of our young people.”

One of Robert Shumake’s two bestselling books, For Entrepreneurs Who Considered Suicide When Business Got Tough!, is now in its third printing. Shumake’s guide to business-building is an inspirational tool that can boost even the weariest entrepreneur’s confidence and strength in the midst of a tough time or when faced with an obstacle.

Meanwhile, Climbing Your Inner Mountain: 10 Steps to Reaching Any Goal is a personal tale of resilience and survival, as Robert Shumake describes his own experience climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and the lessons it taught him. This self-help book, which reached #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list after it was released in 2013, has proven invaluable to business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs who strive to reach their full potential.

The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation is a charitable nonprofit that has provided over 100 college scholarships through its Shumake Scholarship Relays division, serving over 25,000 teens and young adults thus far. The foundation’s global humanitarian funding initiatives include the Youth Ambassador Humanitarian Project through the Embassy of the Republic of Botswana and the development of the Shumake Legacy Academy, a school for HIV-positive students and orphans in Ethiopia. Robert Shumake is also a sponsor of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Cross-Country Tournament.

100% of the proceeds from Robert Shumake’s book sales will go towards college scholarships to Detroit-area youth from underserved backgrounds. Both of Shumake’s books are currently available through Amazon.